A couple days after Krista and I went to the bullfight, a professional torero came to our school. He taught us about bullfighting and how he got started in it, and we got to pick his brain with all our curiosities about this art form. Only 7 students took advantage of this great opportunity, 5 of them girls. This torero was, in fact, quite a handsome fellow, and most of the girls felt either intimidated by his dashing good looks, or nervous about their Spanish. And the guys? I dunno. They just sat there pretty quietly. 

So even though we had been urged to come to this chat session with questions in mind, for the most part everyone just sat and listened and didn’t ask many questions. I, however, find bullfighting to be incredibly fascinating, and I asked a ton of questions, and listened very intently to all he had to say. I think he could tell that I was genuinely interested in all of it, and I wasn’t the only person to notice that sometimes he seemed like he was just talking to me, not a group of 10ish people (students+staff). 

Then we asked to see a demonstration of his skills, and instead he singled me out and invited me to stand up and try to learn. You’d be really surprised how heavy the big cape is.


It was really super fun. So thanks to Miguel Hidalgo for teaching me about bullfighting.


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