Just whistle while I work

I’m pretty used to the fact that I ALWAYS have some song, tune, sentence, or phrase stuck in my head. This is how it’s always been, but usually my mind bounces around and sticks itself to different things. The past few days, though, my brain has been obnoxiously stuck on the same tune.

A few nights ago (Thursday or Friday, I think) Karen picked up the community guitar, and we all took turns making up verses to a “song.” Ethan came up with a wonderful stanza about the agriturismo, and it became a sort of chorus for our made up song. We had a grand ol’ time, singing and being silly, but I haven’t been able to shake our song since. While we work, my brain is always singing, “Yo no capisco, No, no, no – Nunca capisco” (translation: I don’t understand, no no no, I never understand) or some other variation of this crazy song that isn’t even real.

I feel annoyed by it, but apparently it means we made up a catchy song.
Singing with the guitar—first seriously, then with a whole lot of goof—with the others volunteers while the super-kind Italian guest family finished up dinner in the kitchen will probably continue to be one of my favorite memories of being here.

Yesterday we did dishes 7 times. I think we’re always doing dishes.

We’ve chosen tomorrow as our day off, and we’re going to Assisi. We’re pretty pumped about that.

The new fellow got here tonight, and tomorrow he will be the only one here, except the hard-to-understand Romanian farmhand. ‘Twill be an interesting day for the poor bloke…



ALSO: It’s important to tell you the exciting news– My brother got engaged over the weekend!! Congrats to Paul and Juli!!

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3 thoughts on “Just whistle while I work

  1. Melissa Hartwell

    Love it!

  2. Carly

    I think an encore performance should be posted on youtube :-). It sounds like you’ve already done twice as many dishes as we did the entire semester… Poor bloke indeed Lol I hope he speaks Italian… Or at least Romanian.

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